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RotoFlow – 16 fluid ounce (3″ dia x 5 1/4″ lg; wt. 3.6 oz; 473 cc)


Go With the Flow! – Feel the difference of the RotoFlow’s revolutionary clunkless fuel delivery and end the worries of what is going on inside your tank when your plane leaves the ground.

Fuel tanks for RC airplanes have not evolved for decades. They are still prone to the same problems fought during every flying season:

  • Clunks stick in forward position
  • Leaking internal and external connections
  • Stiffening of the clunk hose
  • Hoses falling off sharp-ended copper tubes
  • Stoppers degrading and leaking fuel into the interior of the airplane
  • Worst of all – air bubbles in the fuel lines caused by clunk agitation as it impacts the inner tank wall


The new RotoFlow clunkless fuel tank has solved these problems and added a host of new benefits:

  • Brass rotary fuel pickup works on the principle of centrifugal force to ensure constant and reliable contact with fuel
  • Fuel is drawn away from the foam layer at the wall of the tank
  • No internal hoses or connections to harden, or leak air or fuel
  • A harder-hitting throttle response due to the ability to draw from a more foamless and air bubble-free fuel supply
  • Works with gas or glow fuels
  • Zero maintenance
  • Triple-sealed, machined stopper will not leak or take a set
  • Barbed brass outlet nipple secures both 1/8″ and 5/32″ fuel hoses
  • Aerospace seals for performance and durability
  • No assembly

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