QuikFire Fuel Balancer for petrol engines

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QuikFire is an all-in-one fuel balancer, filter and tee for an instant start and a constant fuel supply during the most aggressive flight.

​Removes two fuel line connections but adds only 14 grams, making QuikFire a sure fire enhancement to any plane.

Uses and Features:

  • Holds 1/4 ounce of fuel at the engine for an instant start and a constant supply
  • All-in-one fuel balancer, filter and tee
  • Mounts to the outside surface of the motor box, inches from the carburetor inlet
  • Smoothes out fuel demand and irregular fuel surges from extreme flight
  • Eliminates two fuel line connections
  • Replaceable automotive-style filter
  • For use with petrol engines only
  • Size: 7/8″ diameter; 2″ length
  • Weight: 14 grams

Instructions for Use:1. Mount QuikFire to the side of the motor box in a position slightly higher than the carburetor inlet.2. Make the following connections

  • Connect either side of the QuikFire tee with a 1/8″ inner dimension hose to the fuel tank
  • Connect the other side of the QuikFire tee to a fuel dot
  • Connect the outlet port of the QuikFire to the engine

3. The initial engine start with QuikFire will take a few additional turns of the prop while QuikFire is filling.

4. To drain QuikFie, start the engine with an empty fuel tank.

5. To replace the QuikFire filter, unscrew the front housing.

User Review:​I recently bought a QuikFire unit from you and just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with it. I was having trouble starting my 4 year-old DLE 30 engine, which took about 10-12 flips to fire on choke and 16-18 to get it going [off choke]. I had done a reed block modification about 2 years ago and didn’t really want to tear it apart again so I tried your product. It worked great, 1-3 flips to fire on choke and 3-4 off choke and it’s running. It also starts on the first or second flip after it has set for awhile.What a difference your product made. Thanks folks.-Richard D., Chief Master Sergeant of the US Air Force (retired) ​

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