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The DJI Phantom 4 RTF is an easy to use flying camera, powered by the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence technology. Its sleek, refined and elegant – a leader.


  • RTF drone with 4K camera
  • 1/2.3” Effective pixels: 12 M camera sensor
  • Multiple still photography & video recording modes
  • Push/pull release props
  • Flying weight of 1380g
  • 2.400 GHz to 2.483 GHz remote control operating frequency
  • Intelligent 5350 mAh flight battery
  • -90° to +30° gimbal controllable range
  • Reach speeds of 20m/s, in sport mode
  • Includes powerful 17.4V charger
  • Have fun flying for nearly 30 minutes!

The DJI Phantom 4: Making what’s impossible, possible

DJI Camera Drone 4K

The Phantom 4 drone is a game changer in aerial photography and film making. It’s polished shell and composite core underbelly is constructed for durability. Its reinforced gimbal gives you more control, and the advanced motors increase your flight efficiency.

The Phantom 4 looks good, and performs even better.

Pick your target and track it… using ActiveTrack

ActiveTrack lets you track a moving object without the need of a separate GPS tracker. All you need to do is tap on your mobile device screen inside the DJI GO app and choose the object. The technology will focus on that object and track it, automatically.

With the Phantom 4, you can literally fly with a 360-degree view. And it’s 5km flight range makes it possible to go further than you ever have before.

Obstacle Sensing System

DJI Phantom 4 OSS

The Phantom 4 includes four new sensors, in front and underneath, so it can see everything up to 50 feet away – and 30 feet below.

Road, rocks, trees, water… the Phantom 4 knows when it’s close, through the Obstacle Sensing System. This means you’ll always know when obstacles are present, before you see them.

All new sport mode

DJI Phantom 4

Have you got a need for speed? The Phantom 4’s all-new Sport mode is available through three new modes – standard, and two self-flying innovations, TapFly and ActiveTrack. In either of these two new Sport modes, you can fly up to speeds of 72km/h – as you move gracefully and smoothly through the sky. And if you want to hover in position, simply press the ‘Pause’ button during any Intelligent Flight Mode, ActiveTrack or TapFly.

High operating, customisable remote control

DJI Phantom 4 Controller

The remote control and real-time feed uses DJI’s Lightbridge technology, to deliver great range, up to 5km. No interferences. No dropouts. This means you’ll get the exact view of your flight, so your shots match what you’re seeing on your screen. No delays!

You can also customise all the controls, from the senstivity of the control sticks to the functionality of dedicated buttons – so you can fly your way.

Flying made easy, with TapFly

DJI's TapFly

With the tap of a finger, you can fly in any direction, without your remote. All you need is Obstacle Avoidance switched on, and the Phantom 4 will automatically avoid obstacles, hover or slow down. It’ll even reroute and move around an obstruction, all by itself. This is all possible with TapFly.

The Phantom 4 camera, in a snapshot

DJI Phantom 4 CameraAs with all things DJI, innovation and progression is at the core of its new products… and the Phantom 4 camera is no different. Improved for image quality, the chromatic aberration is reduced by more than half, and the lens is 36% less distorted – compared to the Phantom 3.

But it’s not only the lens that’s been improved. The cameras firmware is now able to capture 120fps video in full 1080p FHD for creating great videos. It also runs perfectly with ActiveTrack and TapFly modes.

Not only do you get smooth, perfect flying but you get smooth, perfect videos too.

If you’re adventurous and looking for a drone to match, look no further than the DJI Phantom 4. And let your imagination fly wild. Order yours today.

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